A Day Spent with Seeds

This is the time of year on the farm when there just aren’t enough hours in the day, even though the sun is shining longer than at any other time of year. Nature is in overdrive, daring us to try to keep her pace.

Yesterday I never got to any of the long list of things I planned to do that day. After picking peas and broccoli for our deliveries, I ditched my plans and spent the rest of the day planting and replanting.


It was a day spent with seeds.

Our beans are up nicely and now is the time to add more, so the maturity dates are staggered and we don’t end up with too many in at one time (or not enough in).  So I planted our October beans and more green beans.

Green bean seeds--our favorite, a flat bean called

Green bean seeds–our favorite, a flat bean called “Roma II”

The package says

The package says “dwarf horticultural beans” but here we call them October beans. I’m not sure why. These will be ready to harvest in August.

I decided to plow up the okra and start again.  By the time the seeds had finally begun to germinate (delayed by a month without rain), the competition from grass was too severe.  Rather than spend days trying to nurse spotty rows of okra, the situation called for a do-over.  That option is one of the great benefits of our long growing seasons. So I tilled the okra garden and replanted it.

Okra seeds

Okra seeds

Then I turned my attention to the cantaloupe garden.  It too got off to a rocky start and was in need of some TLC.  I planted more honeydew melons and pineapple melons, reseeded the gaps in the cantaloupe rows where the seeds hadn’t come up, then planted several more rows, to stagger their arrival later this summer. I’m looking forward to that first vine-ripened melon of the year.

Cantaloupe seed.  We plant Hale's Best--the best cantaloupe I've ever eaten.

Cantaloupe seed. We plant Hale’s Best–the best cantaloupe I’ve ever eaten.

I had hoped to rehab the watermelons and the summer squash, but ran of out time.  Just as I finished the cantaloupes, at supper time, we were given a nice soft shower.  It couldn’t have been timed better.

Now maybe today I’ll get to some of the things I had on yesterday’s list.