Market Day

Despite the fact that we’ve gone a month with almost no rain (3/4 inch in all of May) the White Flint gardens are doing well. Yields are down in the spring gardens but they’re still providing in abundance. We’re a month behind on our summer gardens now, but it looks like the drip irrigation system is going to save the day.

Yesterday was market day.  That means we spent all day Friday harvesting and preparing the produce (5 am to 9 pm), then were up at 4:30 yesterday morning to take it to the market.

We had plenty to offer:   turnips, dinosaur kale, Red Russian kale, Siberian kale, wood sorrel, Asian greens (mizuna, Tokyo Bekana, senposai, tatsoi, yukina savoy, komatsuna and our stir fry mix), collard greens, broccoli, arugula, freshly cut herbs (dill, oregano and lemon balm), eggs, spring onions (white and yellow), beets, Swiss chard, our gourmet lettuce salad mix (6 baby lettuces), green and red leaf head lettuce, Romaine lettuce, sausage, homemade granola and plants (cherry tomatoes, ornamental peppers and herbs).  

We couldn't fit it all on the sign.

We couldn’t fit it all on the sign.

It’s encouraging to see our community stepping up and getting on board with the food movement.  The parking lot at Food Lion is still full and there are still way too few people buying their food locally, but the food rebels (to borrow a term from EllaDee) are increasing.  We sold nearly everything we took to market yesterday. We’re getting repeat visits from folks who were first time customers the week before.  People are daring to try new things. People are discovering how good food is supposed to taste.


We’re getting the kind of feedback that makes those long hard days feel worthwhile.