Another Addition to the Family

There’s a lot more wildlife here now than there was when I was a boy.  Then it was rare to see a deer, a hawk or a turkey, but now they’re abundant.  There are more otters, beavers and herons now than there were then.  And now we have animals that weren’t here at all 40 years ago–bears, rattlesnakes, eagles and bobcats, for example.

Over the last couple of months I’ve spotted a strange creature four times, at four different places on the farm.  Once we made eye contact for a few seconds, before it raced away as I fumbled for my camera.  It was feline, but not a cat.  It had a weasel-like face and a long tail.  It reminded me of a mink, but was much larger.  But I’ve been stumped trying to figure out what it is.

I looked at every mammal in the North American field guide.  The one that seemed most like the animal I’d seen was a fisher.


But I realized it couldn’t be a fisher, as there are no fishers in our part of the country.

Per Wikipedia, the red area is where fishers can be found.

Per Wikipedia, the red area is where fishers can be found.

But then yesterday I saw THIS ARTICLE in the Lynchburg paper, saying there have been confirmed sightings of fishers in several counties west of us.

So it seems we have one more addition to the wildlife family here now.