My Soul Expands


When I admire the wonder of a sunset, or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator.

Mahatma Gandhi

h/t The Bonding Tool


9 comments on “My Soul Expands

  1. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, God’s beauty in His creation is hard, even for those who do not believe in a creator, to deny. I do like peaceful morning sun rises with animals and birds waking up with all the cheerful singing and energy filled scurrying about. I am mystified by weather and all the phenomena that surrounds storms. I do enjoy a well behaved thunder storm with out the fury of destruction that ride in the midst of some. We are having another day of rain here again. It’s makes for another cycle of three possibly four days of rain. If it weren’t for my back yard raised beds, I wouldn’t be getting any gardening done. What is in the ground has grown by leaps and bounds. The potatoes are a foot high and still healthy and strong. Yes, the ones that I covered up have broken through and are climbing toward the sky. The beauty of God is in all life, in my opinion. Plants, animals, insects, and mankind all reflect His balance, beauty, and love to us. Some how in our infinite wisdom of trying to perfect what already was perfect in design, we failed. Imagine that.

    Have a great soul expanding day.


  2. No synonym for God is so perfect as Beauty. Whether as seen carving the lines of the mountains with glaciers, or gathering matter into stars, or planning the movements of water, or gardening – still all is Beauty! –John Muir


    • Bill says:

      Well said Mr. Muir.

      Interestingly the elementary school my wife attended is named for John Muir. She’s a big fan and she made me into one as well.


      • Good for Cherie! I’ve wandered extensively in the Sierra’s, having led 100 and 60 mile backpack treks there for 30 years. It is impossible not to be a fan of John Muir. 🙂 –Curt

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  3. Joanna says:

    I know someone who is passionate about creation and yet says there is no God, however, I wonder sometimes as he also believes we need to rediscover awe and beauty of nature. I wonder if he hasn’t tapped into something that so many Christians have lost. Many will say that nature is wonderful and isn’t it amazing, but somehow they don’t let it drip right down into their soul as awe and wonder (we are both British and so awe means much more than it’s overused equivalent in American English 🙂 , it suggests a reverence and stillness). If we were truly in such awe and wonder of what God has made, would it make us think more carefully about how we steward this planet?


    • nebraskadave says:



    • Bill says:

      It seems to me that we’re all hardwired to desire connection with the Creator–through whom we connect will all other things in the universe.

      I too have known people who love creation but not the Creator. Sadly I’ve also known many people who love the Creator but not creation.

      I completely agree that if we pause and reflect in wonder and awe at the beauty of creation (whether we are theists or not) it makes it far more likely that we’ll live as good stewards.

      Here in America we suffer (and creation has suffered) from a lot of really bad theology. But I’m encouraged by the signs that that too is changing. May the day soon arrive when we all come to appreciate and understand our role as stewards of creation.

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