Market Day

It is 4:33 a.m. as I am about to click on “Publish.”  That’s early, even by farm life standards.

Today is market day, so we have to rise extra early to get ready.  Fortunately the market is only a half hours drive from here, but we have to pack up everything then set up when we get there. Before leaving I have to feed the pigs, chickens and bees.  I also have to shower and shave.  To make all that happen and be ready when the bell rings at 7:15, we have to get an early start.

Cherie has the signs ready. We couldn't fit everything on them this week.

Cherie has the signs ready. We couldn’t fit everything on them this week.

I was delayed by weather last week and by the video shoots this week, so here it is May 9 and I still haven’t planted our summer gardens.  But some may recall me fretting about being delayed in the spring planting season, and here we are in early May with plenty of fresh goodness for the market.  Nature is forgiving like that.

Last week we sold out.  We probably will again today.  It’s encouraging to see our community slowly but steadily coming to embrace the local food movement.