Happy Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day.

It began beautifully.  With songbirds and a wild turkey providing a perfect soundtrack, I headed out to do chores just before sunrise in the cool mists of dawn.






I realize yesterday wasn’t the official Earth Day. We observe that one too of course.  But I was inspired by our friends at  Four Corners Farm who say, rightfully, that we should treat every day like Earth Day.

So that means today is Earth Day too.

Happy Earth Day.


17 comments on “Happy Earth Day

  1. I absolutely agree, every day should be earth day!
    Have a splendid weekend Bill.
    🙂 Mandy xo


  2. Sue says:

    I agree! And hubby and I aspire to do just that. Loved your reminder. And oh-the asparagus! –How beautiful!


  3. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, I would guess that everyone that frequents your blog would agree that every day should be a celebrated earth day. It looks like the long string of thunder storms that swept across the fruited plains is coming to an end. I do like to listen, feel, and enjoy a good well behaved thunder storm. There’s just something about smelling the earthy smell of rain falling on soil. It’s refreshing the air better than any air freshener can. The earth cycle is an amazing thing to watch and to be involved with it.

    Yesterday we saw the sun for the first time in a few days. Over the last week we have received at least five inches of rain. Just a 45 minute ride to the west received 11 inches of rain from a storm that blew through Wednesday night. Flash flooding resulted in the low areas near rivers and streams. All my plants were safe inside the garage in the back of my truck. So far my plant protection plan is working.

    Have a great back safe earth day.


    • Bill says:

      Oh my goodness. Five inches of rain in a week? 11?? I hate to think what that would do to our young gardens. But I’ll bet with all your mulching your garden would soak it in without much runoff at all. Well maybe not 11 but I suspect you handled 5 just fine. Our clay soil can turn gardens into rivers with that much rain.


      • nebraskadave says:

        I was out weeding my raised beds in the backyard with nice moist soil. Not wet at all. Yes, my soil mulching and rejuvenation is paying off this year.

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  4. Laurie@hinterlands.me says:

    Yes, yes!


  5. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your morning vistas: )
    For a split second, I thought that was a whole laundry basket full of asparagus… Even so, that’s a nice haul! Just how big is that basket, anyway? (Sad that it’s getting to the end though, eh?):
    White Dutch and Butter Cups? Has a nice ring to it – sounds like a song title; )


    • Bill says:

      I don’t know how big it is. Just grabbed it heading out the door this morning. We’re getting 2-5 lbs/day these days. And yeah, I do hate to see it end.

      Those buttercups and clover blooms are because I haven’t mowed the grass lately. That kind of beauty is not what our society prefers,


  6. Happy Earth Day to you too. That asparagus! What riches. Though the goats probably say that about the clover…


    • Bill says:

      Every spring some of the goats like the clover so much that they end up with diarrhea and this year is no exception. It’s great forage of course, and they’ll soon get over it. When the horse eats a lot of it it makes him slobber. Sometimes he stands in his stall slobbering on the floor, while a goat with diarrhea is cooling off in the stall with him. Makes cleaning the stall a little more difficult. 🙂 But I love seeing the clover. It’s great for the bees too. And as for the asparagus, it’s one of the great joys of the year.


  7. You got me on that one Bill. I was wondering if Word Press had thrown me back in time. And I agree, everyday is Earth Day. Thanks for the reminder. –Curt


  8. Joanna says:

    You had me confused too. Earth day is also my birthday, does that mean everyday is my birthday too? 😀 One of our asparagus plants has sent up a very small shoot, no more signs yet though – oh the anticipation, especially with seeing yours


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