Be Safe

I have a sore back this morning.  Nothing serious, just a little uncomfortable stiffness that will go away once I’m warmed up. But still, a reminder that I need to be more careful.

Most likely the reason my back hurts is because I had to change implements on the tractor several times yesterday and I didn’t always do it in the most back-friendly way.  That’s a no-no.

A lot of the things we do on the farm are inherently dangerous.  Agriculture is the deadliest occupation in the U.S. and has been for years. More than half the workplace fatalities in the world occur in agriculture. Farmers are frequently killed or seriously injured by accidents involving tractors, PTOs, farm machinery, chainsaws and livestock. And for every fatality there are probably scores of ruined backs and compromised limbs and digits. Farming is a great way of life.   But it’s important to be careful.

If doing something safely takes a little longer, spend the extra time and do it safely.

The foregoing public service announcement may be read as me lecturing myself.