About a year and a half ago we started up a monthly gathering we called “Piedmont Sustainable Living,” hoping it would be a way for folks interested in homesteading and sustainability to get together for fellowship and idea-swapping.  We joked that we wanted to be able to talk about the things that interest us with a group of people who wouldn’t think we were weirdos.

The gatherings have been a success.  It’s a great group of people, and a lot of fun.

We always start with a potluck supper, followed by a discussion.  Last night we had our April get-together. One of our friends brought freshly-harvested morels and cooked them up at the meeting.  Two couples brought salads made from just-picked greens. There was pasture-raised chicken.  And Cherie made blackberry cobbler from wild blackberries picked on our farm (as we’re trying to clear out the freezers of last year’s goodies to make room for what’s about to come).  It was a delicious meal of locally-raised food, which would have cost a small fortune at a restaurant, but cost the homesteaders very little.  The mushrooms, blackberries and much of the salad grow wild.

One of our friends brought homemade soap and gave a bar to everyone who came.  Another friend gave us some tomato plants she started.  A friend gave Cherie a potted herb.  And we traded knowledge too, discussing the best places to get quality products in bulk–like flours, herbs, tea, toiletries, etc., and exchanging gardening tips.

We sat on the back deck and talked until dark.  A fine way to spend a Saturday evening.