Small World

In March 1700, an English ship deposited its cargo–91 Huguenot refugees–on the banks of the York River in Virginia.

The refugees settled in Manikintowne, near present-day Richmond, joining  other Huguenot families who had come in the preceding year. In a strange new land, but sharing a common heritage and language, the families in the settlement must have all come to know each other well, even though they had originated in different parts of France and had found their way to America via different paths.

Eventually the settlement dissolved and the families spread out around Virginia and ultimately the rest of the country.

Over 200 years later a man descended from one of those families met, courted and married a woman descended from another one of those families. They both had unusual surnames, their Anglicisation having made them unique.

But as far as I know, my grandparents never knew that those names came from ancestors who had long ago arrived in Virginia on the very same boat.