It may not feel much like spring the last few days, but the chickens certainly know what season it is.

Instead of the few eggs a day we were getting in the winter, the hens are now giving us about 3 dozen per day.  That’s full capacity for our little flock.

Every year when this happens, we have to figure out how to spend our springtime egg jackpot.  Not long ago we had customers practically begging us for eggs.  But nowadays, when everyone who owns chickens suddenly has more eggs than they need, demand goes way down.

But there’s no danger of eggs going to waste.  We have plenty of loyal customers, and we eat our fair share too.  Our dog Ginny gets them in her diet too.

Now is the also the time to freeze eggs.  It’s also a good time to bake and freeze egg-rich goodies, like pound cake.

In a worse case scenario, we can feed them to our pigs.  That’s what the pigs are hoping for, but it isn’t likely to happen.

Meanwhile we’re brooding two dozen chicks who we’re hoping will contribute to next years spring eggsplosion.

It’s a great time of year.

By the way, y’all should go check out Laura’s post on her always entertaining Applewood Farm blog.  Her chickens not only ramp up production this time of year–they also hide their eggs.