Drinking Water

Sunday was World Water Day, a day devoted to bringing awareness to the importance of clean drinking water–a precious commodity, taken for granted by many of us and desperately needed by many others.

Blood:Water Mission is a great organization, which we like to support.  They urged people to drink only water on Sunday, and to contribute their savings to help bring clean water to people who don’t have it.  A very worthy cause.

But that fundraising strategy wouldn’t be very effective if everyone drank the way we do.  Water is always our beverage of choice.  Neither of us drink soft drinks. Cherie doesn’t drink milk and other than a little in my morning coffee, neither do I.  We always drink water, and only water, at our meals.

I do have a cup of coffee in the morning and Cherie has tea.  Sometimes I’ll drink ice tea in the afternoon.  But most days I just drink water.

We host a monthly gathering of people interested in sustainable living and water is the only beverage we serve.  The last time we hosted Thanksgiving for the extended family we made the mistake of letting my mother know that we would be serving water with the meal.  So folks showed up with coolers full of Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew.  The prospect of a meal without a sugary drink was evidently unbearable.

Water is refreshing, healthy and free.

Here every day is Water Day.