Things We Do

Continuing on the Wendell Berry theme, on his blog The Way I See It, Joel has posted a series of quotes taken from Wendell Berry’s collection of essays The Way of Ignorance.

Here is one of them (to which I’ve added another sentence from the essay):

Our attempt to maintain a “growth economy” in an ever diminishing world is playing devil with our traditional (and admirable) moral code, which our most prominent politicians now put to public use mainly to paint over our immoral behavior. We make war, we are told, for the love of peace. We subvert our Bill of Rights and impose our will abroad for the sake of freedom and law. We honor greed and waste with the name of economy. We allow ever greater wealth and power to accumulate in the hands of a privileged few only to provide jobs for working people and charity to the poor. And we sanctify all this as Christian, though the Gospels support none of it by so much as a line or a word.

– Wendell Berry,¬†from¬†“Letter to Daniel Kemmis