I enjoy the community that blogging forms. I’ve been entertained, amused and educated by lots of bloggers. I’ve especially enjoyed getting to know the folks who regularly comment here.  A great group of people.  Y’all are appreciated.

But of course there is a limit to this kind of community.  It’s great, but it’s not the same as getting to know someone face to face.

Sometimes folks’ blogs go quiet and they stop showing up here. It makes me wonder what has happened to them. If they were neighbors I’d go check on them.  Amy, Will, Dee, Fox and the rest of you–let us hear from you sometime.

I blog nearly every day.  What if the posts stopped?  Maybe it would be because my computer quit working.  Or maybe because I was on vacation.  Or maybe I just got tired of blogging.  But how would anyone know if they don’t have real-world connections to me?

So it made me smile to see THIS POST.  Some of my favorite bloggers actually met in real life.  My friend at Sailors Small Farm, Farmer Khaiti and her sister Melanie shared some real time together on the farm.  I’m envious.  That’s definitely something I’d like to see happen more often.

At least we’ll get to meet Melanie this summer, when she’s here for a two-week internship.  We’re looking forward to it and she’ll probably end up teaching us more than we teach her.

If any of you good folks are ever in the area, we’d love to meet you in person.