Our condo sale closed Wednesday and now, for the first time in a long time, we do not own any property in Florida. I spent a lot of miserable homesick evenings in that place, but it served us well during my commuting days.

Now instead of putting on a suit and tie every morning and heading to my office, I start my days by putting on my bibs and bottle-feeding a goat.

Neo has no fear of the electric fence at all. When he sees me he just crawls under it and races for me, hollering.





Nibbling on my coat zipper after breakfast.

A man with a basket of eggs and a goat sidekick.

A man with a basket of eggs and a goat sidekick.

My book manuscript is now with the editors. While I hope they improve it, I’m also hoping they won’t require a lot of rewriting. I’m anxious to be done with writing it.


I was told to change the subtitle and so far this is the best I’ve come up with. Suggestions are welcome.

For now I’m working on scripts for the videos.  We’ll be shooting those in early May. Should be interesting.

And now for yesterday’s most exciting news:  Cherie bought me a new shaving brush.


This badger-hair beauty will replace my old inferior worn-out  brush.


I’m living large.