The ground is soggy and soaked from the melted snow. Today the forecast is for rain (with a high of 72). Tomorrow the forecast is for snow (with a low of 16). As I said yesterday, March is unpredictable.

English peas are one of the first crops we plant every year.  They don’t mind the cold weather and can be sowed as soon as the soil can be worked.  I’ve seen recommendations to plant them in February.  But “as soon as the soil can be worked” can be vary widely from year to year.  There’s just no way to know when that glorious day will arrive.

I checked our records for the last eight years.  Each of those years we planted peas on the first day it was possible to do so.  Notice how much variation there is.

2007  March 4
2008  March 2
2009  April 10
2010  March 21
2011  March 23
2012  March 12
2013  April 23
2014  March 28

I don’t know when nature will permit us to start planting this year.  I do know it won’t be as early as we planted in 2007 and 2008. Hopefully it will be sooner than 2013’s April 23.

We just play the hand we’re dealt.  It’s all good.