Noticing Things

Sometimes we can see things so many times that we just stop noticing them, no matter how striking or beautiful they were when we first saw them.  That happens to me at least.  Back when I worked in an office visitors would comment on what a beautiful view I had.  But I’d long ago stopped noticing. The same thing happens here sometimes (but I’m trying harder to resist it here).

Or it can small things that we’ve seen so many times we no longer really notice them.

Take my closet for example.


I’m sure your eyes were drawn immediately to a strange-looking thing, which seems weird and out of place in a man’s closet.

Here’s a closer look at it.


My daughter made it for me in pre-school about 20 years ago.  It’s a coin bank and I’ve been emptying my pockets into it for a couple of decades.  It has an outline of her hand on it and is precious to me.

But these days I can go years without really stopping to contemplate it. Happens all the time, with all sorts of things.

Oh, and there are a couple of other unusual things in my closet too.


I found these on the farm years ago near one of the old houses, separately, at different times and places.  It seemed a shame to throw them away, so I put them in my closet.

I thought they were interesting.  Still do.  But I’ve seen them there for so long I don’t really pay any attention to them any more.

The closet opens into our bathroom.  Recently Cherie told me that we had a plumber over once doing some work in the bathroom.  She said he kept glancing nervously over into my closet and she reckoned it was because of the head.

But I can understand that.  I’m sure it must have looked bizarre then, because that was before I got rid of the spider webs that were in the eye sockets.