Share the Love by Caring For Yourself

Some people resist any suggestion that they should eat better with the response that because their poor food choices hurt no one but themselves, what they eat is no one else’s business.

Of course it doesn’t take much reflection to realize that the damage done by eating poorly is not limited to the person who does it. Often the resulting health care costs are transferred to society at large, and enormous amounts of medical resources are diverted from the care of those who are sick through no fault of their own to the care of those whose debilities and illnesses are in essence voluntary.  Likewise, when a person contributes to the profits of industrial food companies that use slave labor, exploit farmers, abuse animals, or harm the environment, then the person is in a sense endorsing those practices and becomes complicit in their continuation.

But even leaving aside the harm done to society at large, when people ruin their health with poor food choices, they also hurt those who love them.

On Valentine’s Day the Partners for Health and Wholeness Blog published a great post making that point, titled “Share the Love by Caring for Yourself.”

Here’s an excerpt (the whole thing is HERE):

Many of us are not motivated to care for ourselves for our own sake, but might be for the sake of those we love the most. It is important to break down the misconception that taking time and caring for oneself is selfish. Let’s take this February 14 and beyond to prioritize caring for ourselves—in mind, body, and spirit. This might mean re-evaluating your lifestyle: the foods you eat, the time you take for exercise, your stress level and how you manage it, your methods of self-care. The way you show love to your family might be thinking of them when you choose to eat healthy foods and say “no” to those that you know are not contributing to your health.

Well said.