Deer Goats

A deer has taken up with one of our goat herds.


See her?

She stays with them at their shed during the night, and forages with them during the day.

The deer gets nervous and runs away when I come around, so I haven’t been able to get a good picture of her at the shed.


At dawn. The deer is to the left of the shed.

But  few days ago she was grazing with the goats and I was able to sneak up without being seen.


Hey, where's everybody going?

Hey, where’s everybody going?



A couple of our neighbors have mentioned seeing her.  In the words of one, “That deer thinks she’s a goat.” It’s a curiosity.

My guess is that the deer was orphaned during hunting season and for some reason just fell in with the goats.

Or maybe she really does think she’s a goat.