The Fatties’ Bedroom

We still have two pigs on the farm.  Rather, I should say we have two hogs on the farm.  Fatty and Fattie are living up to their names these days.

I usually wake them up when I go to feed them in the mornings.  They huddle together in their shed at night–to keep warm and because they like sleeping that way. Many mornings I’ve tried to sneak up on them and get a picture, but before I can get close enough they hear me and spring up, ready for their breakfast.  This is the best I’ve been able to do.



When they were younger they liked burying themselves in the hay.  Nowadays when I put hay in the stall for them they just root it out of the way.  It seems they prefer burrowing into the dirt now.

Here’s a shot of the spot where they sleep.  Notice anything unusual about it?


When nature calls, goats, chickens, horses and probably most other animals just relieve themselves where ever they happen to be standing.  We have to constantly layer the bedding in the goat stalls and chicken coops for that reason.  But not pigs. They wallow in dirt and mud to coat their skin in order to protect and cool it, but they’re actually clean creatures. They won’t poo where they sleep.

Of course that’s just one of many things that make the industrial  practice of confining hogs in cages so cruel. Not only are they unable to make a burrow and snuggle up with a buddy, but their little cage is both their bedroom and their bathroom.

Yesterday morning when I went out to feed them, the fatties were already awake.  They were wrestling and seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.