5 Things

On her excellent blog Handmade Homegrown Beautiful Life Cynthia invited me to say five interesting things about myself.

I’ve been thinking about that a while.  There aren’t many interesting things to say, and I already used up some the best ones when Laura at Applewood Farm put a similar question to me a while back.

So while I wouldn’t rank these as the top five most-interesting things in my life, here’s a stab at it:

1. My first off-farm job was wearing the paper hat at a fast-food restaurant called Biscuitville. Although I did every job that gets done at places like that, my greatest accomplishment was becoming a certified biscuit-maker.  Yep, this kid was going places.

2. In college I majored in Foreign Affairs, with a Middle East concentration.  I have had little occasion to draw upon the things I learned in those classes. In fact, I’ve gotten a lot more use out of the typing class I took in high school (notwithstanding the damage it did to my grade point average).

3. My son is six inches taller than me, has thick red hair, a beard and a pony tail that hangs half-way down his back.  Yet some people say we look alike.

4. In the last week I left a gate open allowing the horse to escape, and I nearly burned down the farm.  The consequences of the many other mistakes I likely made around here are not yet known. (We got the horse back in the fence and the fire was extinguished before it did any damage.  Other than the fact that they are both evidence of my general incompetence, the events were unrelated. Oh yeah, I also knocked over and broke a wine glass. While not as dramatic as setting the farm on fire, I suppose that’s more evidence.)

5. I was one of a handful of Americans who didn’t watch the Super Bowl. In fact, I haven’t watched a Super Bowl since the one Tampa Bay won in 2002. I could probably get deported for admitting that.  But I should add that if I do ever watch another Super Bowl, I’ll watch the game and ignore the commercials. Because I’m crazy like that.

Thanks Cynthia.  🙂