Planning the Gardens

When we first expanded beyond one garden here, my rotation plan was simple. We used three gardens–one for legumes, one for everything else, and one to rest.  The non-legumes followed the legumes, which followed the rested garden.

Now we’re up to 18 gardens so it’s a little more complicated.

For planning I created a document, listing the gardens and what will grow in them this year.  Each year the crops slide down one garden on the list, so I can tell from looking at the document not only what will be in a particular garden this year, but also what will be in it every year after this one.


I keep separate documents with garden notes, lessons learned, ideas to try, etc.  Cherie keeps spreadsheets (more sophisticated than my documents) tracking expenses, sales, seed inventory, etc.

We’re always tinkering with it, but the system works pretty well for us.

I’m looking forward to working on actual gardens soon, as opposed to pieces of paper.