Winter Gardens

Pickings are slim in the gardens this time of year, but even in the dead of winter they’re still giving us some delicious bounty.

On Sundays when we have our weekly farm planning meeting I let Cherie know what’s available in the gardens, so she can do her menu planning for the week.  Of course we have lots of food put away from the summer, so even if we were buried in snow we’d have plenty of good food to eat.  But we like to eat seasonally as much as possible, so our meals tend to be oriented around what’s in season.

This week, for example, we had roasted Brussels sprouts, turnip soup, sauteed senposai and Brussels sprouts greens, spaghetti sauce made with kale, and arugula pizza–all featuring items I brought in from the gardens this week.  Of course most of the other food we’ve eaten this week was grown here too, but the rest of it came from the freezer or a jar, rather than straight from the garden.

I expect the gardens will continue to give us great food, right up until it’s time to plow them up and start over. Our favorite grocery store is in our backyard. That’s one of the things I like best about this life.