Snack Food

I’m thinking of growing some popcorn this year.  I don’t particularly enjoy popcorn, but I’m trying to come up with a good wintertime snack food.

Fortunately there aren’t many things that we still get from a grocery store. But, I’m a bit sorry to say, we are still buying nuts, chips, raisins and pretzels–thanks primarily to the fact that I like to snack on things like that at night while reading.  We’re not buying Doritos of course,  The chips we buy have no ingredients other than organic whole grain blue corn flour, vegetable oil and salt.  We buy Utz hard pretzels, which have only five ingredients: wheat flour, malt syrup, salt, yeast and soda.  The ingredient lists of most snack foods these days read like some kind of chemical stew, so as snack foods go ours aren’t bad.

Still, I don’t like the packaging and I don’t like buying things we can grow ourselves.

We do make some of our own snack foods.  We have homemade flax crackers in the pantry now, and there’s always the options of pickles or kale chips.  But I’m seemingly hooked on my salty processed snacks.

Maybe popcorn will be the answer.  Of course I could always just quit snacking at night.  It’s not that I’m hungry. It’s just a habit.

Any suggestions for a good do-it-yourself nighttime snack food would be welcome.