A Great Time of Year


Kidding season here has hit a welcome lull.  It’s been a couple of days since any new faces arrived on the farm.

And now those born over the past couple of weeks are reaching their playful stage of life.  I love seeing them dashing across the pasture, leaping and twisting in the air, tussling with one another, playing king of the mountain and all their other baby goat games.

The proud Daddy.

The proud Daddy.

Kids just don't respect their elders these days

Kids just don’t respect their elders these days


Nibbling on Rowan's tail.  Risky business.

Nibbling on Rowan’s tail. Risky business.

We’re still feeding our bottle babies Neo and Pearl.  We’re their surrogate mothers now.  It’s hard for me to work in the pasture now without tripping over them.  And if they spot me outside the pasture, sometimes they’ll climb through the fence to get to me.  I find myself having to sneak around, to avoid being seen.


We’re expecting another wave of kids to start arriving soon.

It’s a great time of year.