Resolving About Food

Two-thirds of the New Years resolutions we make this year will be related to diet or fitness, with weight loss being our most common resolution, by far.

Here’s a blog post I wrote for Seedbed on that topic, for any who may be interested:  Eat well in 2015.


8 comments on “Resolving About Food

  1. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, you are spot on with your post about eating habits. Eating lifestyles have gotten totally out of control. There were biblical times of celebration when food was prepared in abundance but they were only on special celebration days. You have referred to seasonal eating many times in your posting. With the ease of transportation, any food item and be found at any time of the year in the grocery stores. I know that you have given statistics of how much fast food is consumed each year per individual. It’s astounding the lifestyles that people have gravitated toward in their lives. I have many single friends that never eat at home. Their refrigerators are empty except for the pet food. It just never entered my mind that I should buy prepared food every day. I have to say that I do buy fast food on occasion but it’s getting to more infrequent and is probably no more than a handful of times a month. That’s usually at a restaurant with a friend. No drive through fast food places.

    Winter time is the worst time for keeping the weight off. Without the outside exercise, it’s easy to pack on some pounds. During the summer months, gardening and yard care burn up enough calories to keep the weight in check so calorie rich food is not a problem. However, winter is another story and the eating style has to transition into a lower calorie diet but still nutritious. I haven’t quite figured out what that would be just yet, but I’m working on it.

    Here’s to the success of all weight related New Year resolutions. May we all be our perfect weight by the end of the year.

    Have a great weight control day.


    • Bill says:

      Following up on the point you make in your comment, here’s a couple of amazing facts that contributes to our increasingly unhealthy population: in 2010 over 40% of American meals were eaten away from home. We ate 20% of our meals in our cars.

      We say we’re too busy to prepare meals at home, but apparently the things we’re so busy doing are done while sitting down.

      All best wishes for a very Happy New Year for you, your family and for Terra Nova!


  2. Farmgirl says:

    That was a very well written article!


  3. Amazing work,Bill, as usual … I’m certainly hopeful that this is material I can spread around?


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