A Downside

Here’s what we’re subjected to this time of year.


Look carefully in the distance and you’ll see two pickup trucks, parked on the side of the road. These are “hunters” (they don’t really deserve that word). Having set loose a pack of dogs somewhere, they’re waiting here for a chance to shoot at the deer the dogs are chasing, despite the fact that they’re on a public road with private posted property on both sides on them (including our pasture).

It’s illegal of course.  If confronted (and I have confronted guys like them many times) they’ll insist that they’re just “waiting on our dogs.”


Thankfully we’ve had less trouble than usual this year.  A couple of the folks who live on our road lobbied hard over the summer for increased patrols by the game warden.  One woman has put up signs warning dog owners that she has coyote traps set on her property.  We’ve also put up posted signs along the edge of the road and one of my neighbors has been diligent about chasing them off.

But even with the improvements, the problem hasn’t entirely gone away.

From where I took this picture I was about a third of a mile from our house. By the time I walked home, got in my truck and drove up there they’d likely be gone.  In this case they noticed me shortly after I took the picture and they drove away.

Having to deal with poachers and irresponsible hunters is one of the few downsides to rural living.