Sitting Still

For about an hour and a half late yesterday afternoon, I sat quietly outside in the cold.  I plan to do that nearly every day for the next month.

Being quiet isn’t a problem for me, but it’s hard for me to sit still that long. And I don’t like being cold.

So why do I do it?

It’s deer season.

I know that some people object to deer hunting, and for those who are vegetarians I understand and appreciate their beliefs.  But even though I don’t eat much meat, I’m not a vegetarian.  Being a farmitarian, I do eat meat as long as it came from this farm.

So every year I take a few of the many deer that live on this farm, and they are an important part of our practice of sustainable homesteading.  Venison is the only red meat I’ve eaten for many years.

We do our best to raise our livestock animals naturally and humanely.  But deer live more naturally and “free range” than any domesticated animal, no matter how well cared for.

Keeping the deer population in check is a human responsibility to nature, in my opinion.  In part because so few of us do that any more, we have a very serious deer overpopulation issue here.

Whether I will do my part to fill our freezer this year remains to be seen. By now the deer are wise to what’s going on and while only a few months ago there seemed to be herds of them roaming around here, they’re pretty hard to spot these days.

Last night I came home empty-handed.  I’ll try again tonight.