The Best

Thanks to late planting and an early freeze, our fall gardens aren’t what they should be.

But they’re still generating more than enough to keep us well fed.  For example:






And of course we’re still enjoying plenty of goodies from the summer gardens. Last night, for example, we had delicious black bean/sweet potato burritos to go along with a side of sauteed kale.

Of all the great things about the homesteading lifestyle,the home-grown food has to be the best.

Shoveling Manure

Animal poop is very important on this farm.  In addition to keeping the pastures fertile, we use it as a principal ingredient in our compost pile. Sometimes I’ll also go out in the pasture and get up a load of it, then spread it directly on resting gardens.  And every year I thoroughly clean out all the sheds, stalls and coops, for composting or for tilling into the gardens.  We use the manure to enrich and fertilize our soil, as farmers have done for thousands of years.  We couldn’t farm this way without it.

Yesterday as I was getting up a load of horse and goat do-do, it occurred to me that I must shovel a lot more manure than the average person.  But do I really?  Back when I worked in an office I probably shoveled plenty too. Maybe now I do literally what I once only did figuratively.