And then there were two.

Only two of our original five pigs are still on the farm.  They seem to be enjoying the fact that there is less competition at the feed troughs.  We’ll keep them a few more weeks at least.



Our end of year review is fast approaching. That’s when Cherie and I take a day or two and carefully go over all aspects of the farm operation (as well as household management and finances) and make decisions for the next year. Last year we decided to raise 4 hogs this year, instead of our usual two.  We ended up raising five, but one was for friends of ours who live in an intentional community in town.  We only raised 4 to sell.

I’m considering increasing again, perhaps to ten and perhaps going to year-round production.

If we do that we still probably won’t get new piglets until spring.  As soon as the last two fatties are gone, I’ll open the gate and let the goats enjoy the forage that’s been stockpiling in that pasture for 8 months.