Rainy Day

It was cold and rainy yesterday.  It would have been a good day to spend inside writing and relaxing, enjoying an extra cup of coffee or two.

But as we prepare for another premature Arctic blast this week, I spent much of the day out in the gardens working in the cold rain, trying to salvage a harvest. Because the weather won’t allow us to let it mature, our broccoli was very disappointing this fall and our cauliflower was worse.  But we had excellent spring and summer gardens, so I suppose we were due for a failure.

It was a dreary day in more ways than one.  Our cat Mr. Fabulous didn’t come home yesterday morning and has now been missing for over 24 hours.  That has us concerned of course.

And when I fed the pigs last night, just before leaving to do our Monday deliveries, I noticed that Gracie had a rectal prolapse.  So when we got back I had to don the headlamp and go out the pasture and push her insides back into where they belong.  Not an experience I care to have often.

After a day like that, last night’s glass of wine was particularly welcome.