The Fallow Field


The Fallow Field

Good to see the ploughed earth!
Here in a world of broken faith
Is something to be understood;
Man’s work, Man’s worth,
The labour of the share, the scope
Of our belief, our hope.

Here is something Man has made
And will remake, age after age,
Defying every tyrant’s rage
With a simple thing – the spade.

Take a handful, feel it rough,
Feel it work upon your skin!
This is the elemental stuff
From whose obduracy we win
First things first, the bud, the flower,
And last, the Bread of Life,
These things are good.
These are the moments worth our strife.
Leave the tyrant to his hour:
He has never understood.

Richard Church (1941)

h/t TLS

Restocking the Freezer


We picked up the first of our two pigs from the processor yesterday and now our large freezer is full of what we believe to be the best pork available.

We’re going to keep the other three pigs until they weight at least 400 pounds each, then we’ll have them made into whole-hog sausage as we did last year. The sausage was a big hit last year and it sold out quickly, but we missed having the other cuts available so this year we’re offering both.

Being a farmitarian, I only eat meat from animals that come from this farm. So it’s been a long time since I had any sausage.  But there’s a pound of it thawing in the refrigerator now and tomorrow morning’s breakfast will include sausage gravy.  I’m hoping there is some barbecue in my near future too.