I’m thinking about the things I do every morning–feed and release the chickens, put wood in the stove, feed the pigs, etc.  Those are my pre-breakfast chores.

But they’re not how I begin my days.  Before I get to those I have my pre-chores.

I’m an early riser, so this time of year it’s still dark outside when I get up. Before I can begin any of my outside work I have my daily cup of coffee. While I’m making it, I scan the headlines on CNN and Google News–that being the 2014 version of reading the morning paper. Then I check my email.  Cherie handles the farm email and there’s usually not much for me to see on my personal email account so that doesn’t take long.

Over the years I’ve bookmarked hundreds of blogs, online journals and newspapers.  Every morning while I’m having my coffee I read a handful of them.  Some mornings I’ll also read from a devotional.

Every morning I make a list of things I’m going to day that day, putting them in some kind of order.  I write the list on a folded note card and carry it in my pocket all day to help remind me of what needs doing.

And of course I publish a blog post–something I’ve done nearly every day for over six years.  Try that and at some point you’ll have done so many posts that you’ll eventually end up blogging about what you do while having your coffee in the morning.

By then it’s usually light enough for me to start the outside part of the day.