White Flint Pork

This is a good place to be a pig.

Our pigs live on pasture rather than in cages.  We supplement their natural foraging with chemical-free vegetables from our gardens and a GMO-free, soy-free feed.

Gracie likes to have her head scratched.

They are never given any antibiotics or growth hormones.

I don’t see how it would be possible to raise pigs any better than we raise ours.


Most of the pork sold in grocery stores is contaminated with antibiotic resistant bacteria and much of it still has traces of porcine growth hormones.  I honestly believe it is not fit for human consumption.  And it comes from pigs who led miserable lives.  Buying it makes us complicit in the cruelty of the factory farms and incents them to continue to abuse pigs.

Next week we will have White Flint Farm pork available.  Whether you buy your pork from us or not, I hope you’ll seek out farms that share our ethic.  Not only will you be doing the right thing for your health and for the pigs, you’ll end up with the best-tasting pork you’ve ever had.