Date Night with Vandana Shiva

Tuesday Cherie and I had one of our infrequent date nights.  We drove down to Winston-Salem to hear Vandana Shiva speak at Wake Forest University.

She gave an inspiring talk on the importance of biodiversity, preserving traditional farming practices and protecting heirloom seeds.  She also delivered a scathing critique of industrial agriculture and in particular the harm it’s done in India. I tried taking notes but soon realized that I wanted to write down every sentence.  Ultimately I gave up, put the pen down and just enjoyed the talk.

She spoke in the University’s chapel, which despite its name is a large building.  The place was packed.

The fact that so many students and young people would come out to hear a lecture on industrial agriculture is more evidence of how engaged young people are today on the important issues of our time.  I was at the University of Virginia in the late 70s and early 80s and someone speaking on industrial agriculture then, no matter how well known, would never have drawn an audience.

The times, they are a changing.