Cell Phones

We’ve all seen it.  It’s a common sight these days.  People looking at their smart phone screens in restaurants and while driving.  People pulling them out and looking at them while in the midst of a conversation.

As a society we’re becoming attached and addicted to the things and it seems we are inventing new ways to be rude to accompany our addiction.

Recently I read a blog post that was a nicely balanced look at this (read it HERE).

It seems to me that the problem is not with the devices, but with their users.  The solution to ill-mannered use of smart phones isn’t to banish them from the planet, but rather simply to behave when using them as we should behave when using any other device–that is, with good manners and common sense.

Sure there are forces working to keep our eyes glued to screens.  But those forces are not irresistible.