I don’t know how to sew.  It’s one of many useful homesteading skills that I never learned.

Cherie, on the other hand, enjoys sewing and she’s been doing it since she was a girl.  In addition to whatever sewing needs doing around here she makes aprons and rice bags and sells them at the farmers market and craft shows.  Her work is beautiful and she has lots of happy customers.


Cherie’s sewing room

Over the years I’ve worn holes into lots of pairs of blue jeans doing farm work.  Lately it occurred to me that rather than just using plain old patches to cover those holes, maybe I could find some of the kinds of patches we had our mother sew onto our jeans back in the early 70s.

peace sign

ecology flag


I wonder if Cherie would mind sewing them on for me?


Rowan and the Pigs

I forgot to latch the gate to the pigs’ pasture and they figured out how to open it. So for the second time this year they were able to join our goats and Rowan (the horse) in their pasture.

It's a pig jailbreak

It’s a pig jailbreak, into the forbidden pasture

The pigs seemed to enjoy the company of the other animals, but the feeling wasn’t mutual.  The goats were indifferent about their presence and Rowan was downright indignant.

When I discovered what had happened, Rowan was chasing them around and trying to bite their tails.  The pigs seemed to be regarding it as a game and they enjoyed playing.  Rowan was not amused.


Rowan chasing a pig, while the other pigs trot along beside him joining in the fun.

Before the situation deteriorated further I was able to get the pigs back to their own pasture.  All it took was the sight of me with a bucket of feed and they galloped home joyfully.

This time I latched the gate and, for good measure, ran electricity to it.  After they push their wet noses into an electrified gate once, they never try to open it again.

Rowan is relieved to have them back where they belong.