Simple Food

There are 73 ingredients in a McDonalds “Big Mac,” including chemical additives such as ammonium chloride, sodium stearoyl lactylate,  sodium phosphate, polysorbate 80, and azodicarbonamide.

A Little Debbie Oatmeal “Creme Pie” snack cookie has 45 ingredients, including corn syrup, folic acid, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, thiamine mononitrate, ammonium bicarbonate, dextrose, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate, soy lecithin, mono and diglycerides, corn starch, caramel color, carrageenan, red dye 40, sorbic acid, and yellow dye 5.

Here’s the 59 ingredients in a Burger King strawberry milkshake (note that strawberries are not among them): amyl acetate, amyl butyrate, amyl valerate, anethol, anisyl formate, benzyl acetate, benzyl isobutyrate, butyric acid, cinnamyl isobutyrate, cinnamyl valerate, cognac essential oil, diacetyl, dipropyl ketone, ethyl butyrate, ethyl cinnamate, ethyl heptanoate, ethyl heptylate, ethyl lactate, ethyl methylphenylglycidate, ethyl nitrate, ethylpropionate, ethyl valerate, heliotropin, hydroxyphrenyl-2-butanone (10% solution in alcohol), ionone, isobutyl anthranilate, isobutyl butyrate, lemon essential oil, maltol, 4-methylace-tophenone, methyl anthranilate, methyl benzoate, methyl cinnamate, methyl heptine carbonate, methyl naphtyl ketone, methyl salicylate, mint essential oil, neroli essential oil, nerolin, neryl isobutyrate, orris butter, phenethyl alcohol, undecalactone, rum ether, rose, vanillin and solvent.

Not very appetizing, is it?

In our broken food culture, we’re regularly eating chemical concoctions like this.

Meanwhile, what are the world’s finest restaurants serving?  Locally produced food with few ingredients.  Here’s an interesting blog post contrasting the simplicity of the food served by the world’s leading restaurants and the mindboggling complexity of the processed food that now comprises about 70% of our diets.

For breakfast I had two eggs laid by our chickens, scrambled with onions and peppers grown here on the farm. I cooked them in butter.  The butter didn’t come from our farm, but according to the package it has two ingredients:  pasteurized cream and natural flavoring.  Total ingredients in my breakfast: 5. Total number of unprounceable chemicals: 0.

“Keep it simple” seems like good advice when choosing what to eat.