So I read in this blog post that Americans own, on average, 19 pairs of shoes.

When I read that I probably snorted or mentally rolled my eyes.  Ridiculous, I thought.  Why would anybody own that many pair of shoes?  Just another indication of how addicted our culture is to foolish consumption.

But then I paused and wondered.  How many pairs of shoes do I own?

I counted them and the answer is nine.  I own nine pairs of shoes.  While I was relieved to discover that I was well under the national average, I was a bit surprised to discover that I own so many pairs of shoes.  Five of the nine haven’t been worn in well over a year.  So while I may not be Imelda Marcos, as the owner of 9 pairs of shoes (five of which sit useless in my closet) I’m in no position to be judgmental of my fellow overshoed Americans.

The blog post that caused me to count my shoes addresses the great need for shoes in some parts of the world. Maybe we could get by with a few less shoes and help get shoes to those who don’t have any instead.  It reminded me of something that happened to us in Haiti once–told HERE.