Pigs on Pasture


We raise our pigs on pasture.  So they get to live the kind of lives pigs enjoy, rather than suffering in cages and on concrete floors.

Our pigs have lots of room to romp, run, play, root and wallow.  They have fields and woods in which to roam and forage.


Yesterday I mowed their pasture.  It made their day.  They chased me, ran along beside me and occasionally played chicken with me–running in front of the tractor then darting out of the way at the last minute.




Pigs have a great zest for life and they never fail to make me smile.

What we have done to these wonderful creatures in exchange for cheap pork is just shameful.

When we buy pork, we are voting on the kind of world we want to live in.  I know it’s all the rage to joke about bacon.  But do we really want bacon enough to do this to a pig?


CAFO pigs