Following up on a few of my recent posts–

We didn’t win the Bon Appetit grant contest. One of the Maryland college project finalists rallied the student body and carried the day in a landslide.  The other winner was a North Carolina seafood company, selected by the staff based on its years of good service to the company.  All the projects were worthwhile and we’re happy for the winners.  We got a lot of positive publicity for our farm and advanced our relationship with our local university, so it was good for us too.

Ginny is almost fully recovered now, which is a great relief.  We seriously worried that she wasn’t going to make it. Had we followed through with all the veterinarian’s recommendations (including surgery) she’d probably be dead by now.  Instead Cherie gave her herbal and homeopathic remedies and changed her diet.  Now she’s eating peas, sweet potatoes, eggplant, green beans and venison (all from the farm).  She’s eating better than the vast majority of the people in our country.  I expect lots of sick people would benefit from such a diet, as she has.

On a less positive note, after a series of health issues in the family our friends the Harkonens were put on a medical furlough.  They have temporarily left the Congo and gone to Finland, to stay with Timo’s family while they recover. Janey’s condition did not improve and she ultimately was hospitalized for a week.  She’s returned home now but is on pain medication and her problem still hasn’t been diagnosed.  Their experience is a good reminder for us of the hardships and risks that so many people are taking in the world today in order to help care for those most in need.  I know the Harkonen family would appreciate your prayers.  The best way to follow them is to friend them (Laura Harkonen and Timo Harkonen) on facebook.

Lastly, autumn is upon us in its full glory.  We’re enjoying it–watching the gardens grow.