Finding Stuff

Even after tending and plowing a garden for years, I still keep turning up new discoveries.  This year, along with sweet potatoes I also found buried in the soil two old plow points and a piece of a chain.




Maybe some farmer of the future will find my missing reading glasses.

12 comments on “Finding Stuff

  1. shoreacres says:

    Ah, the reading glasses. I finally figured out the answer was to have multiple pairs in different locations: car, computer, and so on. Now, I just hunt for more lost pairs. Maybe the ones I haven’t found yet have gone walkabout, and they’re with yours.


  2. bobraxton says:

    would be quite a spectacle


  3. EllaDee says:

    Simple discoveries but evidence that you aren’t alone in having worked that field. (The G.O.’s current worksite is yielding old bottles, coins and marbles 🙂 )


  4. avwalters says:

    I used to find old marbles. Quite old–about 70 years or so. Apparently, some kids used to play where my California garden was. No reading glasses, though.


  5. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I remember our neighbour (whose name was Lovey – isn’t that great?) telling my Mother, when we first moved to the farm, that the best place to discover(uncover; ) artefacts on a farm was the abandoned privy hole – if you could find it – and she had an amazing collection from her own treasure hunting.
    We never hit the mother lode, but did find assorted patent medicine bottles, buttons, dish-ware and, the pièce de résistance, a crystal inkwell (intact except for its missing stopper).


    • Bill says:

      Makes sense. I can understand how certain things might have been dropped in the hole…but a crystal inkwell? Another good place to look is on places where houses once stood. Sometimes things fell through cracks in the floor. And in the days before trash collecting farms tended to have a pit where trash would be thrown. There was far less of it back then of course. That’s a good place to find bottles.


      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        LOL! Pretty sure, your trash pit and mine are interchangeable, in this case; after all, when back-filling a hole, displacement – by any means – is easier than digging, right?; )
        And the inkwell? Just a guess, but perhaps it was felt to be “garbage” once the stopper broke? Rather wasteful, in my opinion, as it makes a great paperweight on my mother’s desk, to this day: )


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