Garlic Instead

Yesterday morning’s weather didn’t look promising for harvesting the last of the sweet potatoes, so I decided to tackle another major once-every-October chore instead.  I planted our garlic.


Sometimes people will tell me that they’d like to start gardening but that they don’t have a green thumb, don’t have enough time, or just don’t know where to begin.  My advice is always to start with garlic.  It’s easy to plant, easy to grow, immune from pest and wildlife damage, easy to harvest, easy to store and delicious to eat.  I can’t think of a better way for a beginner to start gardening.

To plant garlic, just separate the cloves in the bulb and poke them into the ground about six inches apart, pointed end up.  Then cover with straw and you probably won’t need to do anything else with it until next June, when you’ll pull or dig up the bulbs and set them out to cure.



Now is the best time to plant it.  The garlic will likely emerge before winter sets in, then will wait patiently for spring before resuming growth.

In mid-June, about 8 months after planting, it will be ready to harvest.