Coming Soon


A time of year we dread around here is fast approaching.  Deer hunting season.

We don’t dislike it because there’s hunting involved.  I always try to take a few deer for our household and it’s important, in my opinion, that we humans continue to perform our natural role as predators to help keep natural populations in balance.  We have a severe overpopulation of deer here primarily because, in my opinion, nearly all humans have now abandoned that responsibility in favor of getting all their meat from supermarkets and restaurants (primarily fast food restaurants that destroy our health and our environment while enabling animal abuse on a massive scale–but that’s a different rant).  So it’s not the fact of hunting that I object to, but rather the invasive and dangerously irresponsible way it is often done in our part of the world.

For some reason that I’ve never figured out, it is legal in our half of the county to hunt deer with dogs.  It is not legal in the western half of the county, but whatever rationale was applied to outlaw it there must not have been deemed sufficient to outlaw it here.  Likely our half of the county just don’t have the political weight of the other half.  In any event we’ll soon be invaded by an army of pickup trucks and hunting dogs.

I’ll spare y’all my rant about their so-called hunting.  The bottom line is that it creates conflict and confrontation every year and makes it dangerous for us to hunt properly or even to go for a walk on our own farms.  And because a dozen or more of these guys will be riding around waiting for a chance to shoot at some panicked deer when it runs across the road, instead of sitting in a dozen or more tree stands hunting, far fewer deer are taken every year than should be.

Sigh.  Maybe things will be better this year.  But I doubt it.