We had more rain than usual this summer.  And it often seemed to come at inopportune times, interfering with planting schedules.  Our fall gardens are about a month behind schedule thanks to too much rain.

Meanwhile California is experiencing a severe drought and farms there are suffering badly.

Water is abundant here.  So much so that it’s easy to take it for granted.  We have dry spells and even droughts sometimes, but there’s always plenty of water for irrigation.

For much of the world that isn’t the case however.  Water is precious.

Looking down at the Sahara Desert from the air it’s possible to see where there once were rivers and lakes there. Just because there is plenty of water in a place now doesn’t mean there always will be.

Some experts predict that the most dangerous and deadly conflicts in the future will not be over ideology, but rather over water.  The seeds for such conflicts are being sown throughout the world these days.

So as I fret over muddy gardens and delayed plantings, I remind myself to pause a minute, and be thankful for the water.