Left Behind

Our pasture fences are five feet tall.  Deer can easily hop over them, and often do. Adult deer that is.

I keep seeing this fawn in the paddock where the pigs live.


My guess is that she was born in the pasture and sometime later, when she was old enough to wean, her mother moved on.  Normally the fawn would follow her but in this case I’m assuming the fawn wasn’t able to jump the fence and therefore got left behind.


She is often laying by the fence when I go to feed the pigs in the morning.  At first she was easily startled and dashed away whenever I came into sight.  But lately she’s been a little more curious and a little less afraid.  That’s how I was able to get the pictures. I don’t expect to be seeing her much longer though.  It’s about time she jumped over the fence and resumed living among deer, rather than pigs.