Shelling Peas and Watching Movies

We’ve been shelling peas in the evenings lately.  Normally we read at night.  But you can’t shell peas while holding a book.  So on pea-shelling nights we’ve been watching movies instead.

But out here in the land of no high speed internet we can’t stream videos from Netflix.  And we have chosen not to have TV service.  So Cherie has been downloading movies off Youtube onto her laptop, so we can watch them without buffering issues.

Being nerds, we usually watch documentaries.  In the past few days we’ve seen a documentary about fracking and an interesting film about how Cuba transitioned to organic agriculture after the collapse of the Soviet Union (their  alternative being starvation).

I don’t mind shelling peas.  When I was a boy, if there were peas to shell or beans to snap, we were allowed to watch TV at night in the summer only if we were shelling or snapping while doing it. That makes good sense to me.  And of course I don’t mind seeing a good movie now and then.  But in a week or so we’ll be done with peas and it will be back to spending evenings quietly reading books.  That will be just fine with me.