The Vote is Tomorrow


Tomorrow at college cafeterias around the country serviced by Bon Apetit Management Company, cafe guests will decide the winners of their Farm to Fork grants, selecting two of the five finalists in each region.  Our farm is one the five finalists in the Southeast region.

Averett University in Danville (the closest city to us) is one of the cafes where voting will occur. The other cafes in our region of which we are aware are at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida (Cherie’s alma mater), Duke University in nearby Durham and Johns Hopkins University, Goucher College and St. Mary’s College in Maryland.

The chef at Averett will be featuring food from our farm tomorrow.  This is one of the items on the menu:

tender morsels White Flint Farm goat slow braised with tomatoes, onions garlic herbs and butter in a rich gravy served with sauteed purple hulled peas and creamy Old Mill polenta

If you’re in the Danville area, consider having lunch or dinner at Averett tomorrow and casting a vote for White Flint Farm.  Of course if you’re near any of the other cafes, consider stopping by and casting a vote for us there.

Bon appetit.