New Markets

I’d prefer to sell all our produce directly to the people who are going to eat it.  With the great majority of our sales, that’s what we do.  We have lots of people who buy from us regularly and we’re usually able to find a home for our almost all of our produce that way.

But now we’re between seasons.  The summer crops are fading away and because we got a late start on our fall plantings, the fall veggies aren’t in yet.  So we don’t have much variety to offer people.  Instead we have huge quantities of peas and beans–more than we can sell to our loyal supporters.

So this week, for the first time, we sold produce to a local independently-owned grocery store. We also sold some to our local university, which will feature it in their “Local Food Day” next week.

Even though we will continue to try to sell the things our farm produces directly to the people who are going to eat it, it’s nice to have some other outlets for it too.  And we’re very pleased that they are willing to do business with small family farms like ours.  That doesn’t happen at the chain stores.