Mr. Fabulous

Our son and his family took in a stray kitten. Because of his prominent tail, they named him Mr. Fabulous.

Not long after taking him in they contacted us to find out if we were interested in having him. The cuteness of Mr. Fabulous’ spunk had worn off quickly once he started getting into the food in their pantry every night.

Cherie asked me what I thought of taking him and without giving it sufficient thought I answered that we could use a barn cat. We were having trouble with mice getting into the feed we store in the barn and I thought maybe a feisty cat could solve our problem.

Mr. Fabulous has been with us over six months now and he has yet to spend a moment in the barn. We put him out every night and he seems to enjoy his nocturnal prowls. But every morning he’s waiting at the door when we open it and this is how he spends his days.




We probably still have mice in the barn.


22 comments on “Mr. Fabulous

  1. The best laid plans of mice and men … and cats … ;))


  2. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, Ha, city cat I expect. They just don’t know how to earn their keep very well. I have three feral cats that roam through Terra Nova Gardens. One white Mom with a white Spring baby and a totally black cat. I have never seen a mouse in the garden and only snakes the first year I started clearing the garden area. I suspect its because of those feisty feral cats. Between the feral cats and the wild turkeys, my garden gets protected. Now if I could just find something that would keep those pesky raccoons out of the corn. 🙂

    Have a great Mr. Fabulous day.


  3. jubilare says:

    He looks fabulous.


    • Bill says:

      I didn’t have a good shot of his tail. While he was still a fairly small kitten he had a full-grown bushy tail. That’s why they named him that. It’s still an impressive tail, but not so much as when we has smaller.


  4. shoreacres says:

    That tail is wonderful. If he needs any chair-lying lessons, I have someone who’d be happy to offer advice.


    • Bill says:

      Pretty cat. Beautiful eyes. I didn’t expect our Dixie would take well to having another cat in the house. She’s been with us 14 years and she’s always been a totally-inside cat, and has always had the house to herself. She doesn’t like Mr. Fabulous but she didn’t freak out. She glances over at him contemptuously as she walks slowly by. If he tries to play with her she swats at him and he backs off. It’s been an interesting dynamic to observe.


  5. bobraxton says:

    nice wood flooring; and I like the way that chair seat is made.


  6. Caledonia says:

    He’s fabulous and a Maine Coon see the M on his head, he’ll be a awesome cat.


  7. Mr Fabulous is indeed fabulous. My Mum used to say that a good strong M marking on the forehead was a sign of a good mouser, but doesn’t sound like it in your case. In my experience, it’s the females of the feline world who bring home the bacon. The guys seem to lie around a lot and wait for life to come to them. All my best mousers have been female cats. The two males both were very affectionate and loved to sit on a warm lap, but hunting? Nope. Males have a tendency to wander off and not come back as well.


    • jubilare says:

      I’ve got a male Manx who is a darned good mouser, but he’s also a bit… different. I have never known a cat quite like him, and my other cat seems to know his friend “ain’t right” and is very protective of him.


      • That’s lovely. I wouldn’t say it’s normal in the animal world, for sure, but occasionally, relationships like that do seem to happen. Guess that goes for the human world too.

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      • jubilare says:

        I’d never, personally, seen anything like it before among cats, but there it is.

        Not long after I got my dog, said dog was eating a treat and the manx, being curious, went over to check it out. The dog growled and barked at him, and the manx ran away, scared. Meanwhile, the protective cat was curled up nearby. He got up, stretched, moseyed over to the dog as calm as can be, smacked the dog across the face (the dog has since avoided him… smart dog) and then wandered off to check on the manx.
        I probably laughed for a solid ten minutes.


    • Bill says:

      We adopted a stray tomcat shortly after moving here. Even though we had him fixed, he was bad about roaming.

      For all I know Mr. Fabulous is a hunter extraordinaire at night. But I rather doubt it. 🙂


  8. EllaDee says:

    Mr. Fabulous is indeed that. An impressive tail and handsome cat. I love how cats seem to end up at the homes they are meant to be, even if the route is sometimes not direct.


    • Bill says:

      He had a rough start to life. He has a BB in his ear from being shot. He hit the jackpot when our son’s family adopted him, because that set him on the path to this place. 🙂


  9. pattisj says:

    Aw, he’s adorable!


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