Mr. Fabulous

Our son and his family took in a stray kitten. Because of his prominent tail, they named him Mr. Fabulous.

Not long after taking him in they contacted us to find out if we were interested in having him. The cuteness of Mr. Fabulous’ spunk had worn off quickly once he started getting into the food in their pantry every night.

Cherie asked me what I thought of taking him and without giving it sufficient thought I answered that we could use a barn cat. We were having trouble with mice getting into the feed we store in the barn and I thought maybe a feisty cat could solve our problem.

Mr. Fabulous has been with us over six months now and he has yet to spend a moment in the barn. We put him out every night and he seems to enjoy his nocturnal prowls. But every morning he’s waiting at the door when we open it and this is how he spends his days.




We probably still have mice in the barn.